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Welcome to Maths Worksheets!


This website contains over 700 Maths Worksheets for students in Years 3-6.  The worksheets have been written specifically for this website and are broadly based on the Australian and UK maths curricula.

All prices on this website are in Australian dollars and cents. Go to for exchange rates.

Some of the worksheets on this site are free, click on the Sample Button on the right to have a look at those.  (The worksheets open in Adobe. If you need Adobe reader click here.) The Christmas and Easter Maths Worksheets are also free.

Buying Maths Worksheets

If you decide that you would like a particular worksheet there are two options:

  • Put the worksheet(s) into your basket and proceed to the checkout when you're ready. Most of the worksheets cost 75 cents. Once you’ve paid, the sheet(s) will be instantly emailed to you as pdf attachment(s).
  • Subscribe to Maths Worksheets. The cost is AUD$19.95 and gives you access to all the worksheets until 27 FEBRUARY 2015. If you subscribe then when you log in, you can open all the worksheets and print as many as you like. Click on the Subscribe and Save button on the right if you wish to subscribe.

Payment is processed through PayPal but you do NOT need a PayPal account to subscribe or to buy sheets as PayPal accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Easy and quick to use




You can preview the first page of all of the Maths Worksheets. Simply hold your mouse over the Preview button and you will see page 1 of the worksheet. (If you have difficulty previewing the sheets try disabling Cookie Control and/or the Pop-up Blocker on your security system.)








Descriptions and Answers


All the worksheets have a description and this includes the number of pages and the number of questions.  Please note that the preview shows only the first page.  Nearly all the worksheets have an accompanying answer sheet which is the last page or pages of the pdf file. 

Skills and Formats


The Maths Worksheets have been written to cover specific skills.  Wherever possible each Maths Worksheet only covers one skill.  Many include straightforward explanations and examples.  The Maths Worksheets can be used by teachers, tutors and parents with whole classes, small groups or individuals.  Maths Worksheets may be photocopied by a teacher for the students he/she teaches.

The layout of the Maths Worksheets has been kept simple.  This makes them non-age and non-gender specific.

Maths Worksheets - helping students, parents, teachers and tutors with maths homework


Finding a Maths Worksheet


To find a Maths Worksheet which covers a specific skill, either use the navigation bar on the left hand side and ‘drill down’ to the appropriate worksheet or go to Indexes.  (You will need Adobe to open the indexes.  Click here to download Adobe)

There is an index for each subject. The indexes provide information such as the skill covered, number of questions, number of pages and examples. Having found a specific Maths Worksheet in an index, simply enter the Maths Worksheet Number in the Worksheet Number Search Tool (the number can be copied and pasted). The Worksheet Number Search Tool is located below the General Search in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Maths Worksheets - helping students, parents, teachers and tutors with maths homework


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